10 Things to do with a Blank Canvas for Easy Home Decor

Let’s say you need artwork in your home or studio. Shopping for art is hard. It either looks like something in a boring hotel or it looks like something you could make and you’re not gonna spend that kind of money on something you could make!

So, why don’t you? Make it! You have the power and skills to create a lot of easy, abstract and fun artwork for all kinds of home decor. All you need is a blank canvas and some supplies.

Here are our 10 favorite projects for a blank canvas. Try one out, it’ll be the colors you want, the size you want – and you’ll be proud to tell people you made it when they ask (and they will).

Make this Good as Gold Wall Art from Craft Warehouse
1. Make this Gold Medal Winner. The blog post for this Good as Gold Painting is our most popular blog post ever and for a good reason. These paintings look sophisticated, interesting and they are so easy.

How to Do Pour Painting

2. Pour it on. Pour Painting is an easy and fun way to create gorgeous abstract art and you never even touch a paint brush. You literally just pour the painting mixture on the canvas. Find out more about the trend of Pour Painting and how to create your own Pour Paintings.

Paint Doilies on Canvas from Craft Warehouse

3. Stencil it. Doilies work great as a stencil, or you can dye them and attach in a collage style to a canvas. To use as a stencil place on the canvas and spray paint over them.

Use a paper punch to punch up a canvas

4. Punch up a canvas with a paper punch.  If your craft interests lean more towards paper crafts, there is a lot of fun ways you can incorporate pretty scrapbook papers into a canvas wall art.

State Iron On Vinyl Canvases

5. Ditch the paint. Use vinyl rub-on transfers, markers, and other embellishments to decorate a blank canvas. See the tutorial for this Long Distance Love Canvas Art.

Make a Art Piece with paint and framers tape

6. Line it up. This super easy project uses painter’s tape and paint. Put painter’s tape in a design on blank canvas and paint over and then take off for clean white lines. Or paint the background one or more colors (how about metallic). Let dry completely and add framers tape to where you want, paint over that, and then remove the tape carefully when dry. See more here.

Ombre Canvas

7. Pick your favorite shade and play it up. Add white or black to your base color to create an Ombre effect. Paint it on with rough brushstrokes to create a natural organic feel.

Drip Art on Canvas

8. Make some grown-up Drip Art. Sure, dripping paint on a canvas is a tried and true art project for kids, but it still looks cool. Add some metallic paints to it to give it a grown-up fancy look. Just hold canvas up over a container to catch the drippings and drip the colors you want from the top.

Glitter Canvas

9. Add some Hollywood glamour. Glitter and Lights were added to this canvas. Keeping the canvas white at the base means that the Firefly lights secured on the back (secure with glue or tape) will shine through. Cover half of your canvas with Mod Podge and use some light brush stroke on the other half. Then cover with Mod Podge and shake off. Finish wiht a sealer.

Burlap fabric canvas photo holder


10. Wrap it. Wrapping fabric around a canvas is a great way to see your favorite fabric every day. Add a pocket and some twine and you have a pretty place to save photos, ephemera, and important notes.See how to make Fabric Wrapped Board here.


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