Jeanean is the Paper Crafts Buyer at Craft Warehouse, Video Instructor Extrodinaire, and our resident Paper Crafts Expert. She has had over 20 years of experience trying every new tool that comes out and making cards and paper projects on a daily basis.

Jeanean knows her stuff.  So, we asked her for a top ten list (She needed an extra space, so it’s really a top 11? ) of her all-time top tools. These are the products that make Jeanean get little red cartoon hearts glowing out of her eyes ?. These products have made paper crafts and card-making more exciting to her and have helped her create things she hadn’t even dreamed of.

Here are a few quick reasons from Jeanean on why each made the top ten list. Look for the products to shop below.

  • Tonic Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat – I use this tool as my base work surface on nearly every single craft project I tackle! I honestly don’t know what I ever did before! Ideal for messy jobs, I’ve used it also as a paint pallet! You can use it for clay work, painting, watercoloring, stenciling, ink blending, it’s safe to use with your embossing heat tool, great for alcohol ink projects, and so much more!
  • Picket Fence 10pc Blending Brush Set – Whether you’ve struggled to blend ink or feel pretty accomplished at it- until you use these blending brushes you have no idea what you are missing out on! Truly amazing blends are possible with these brushes! Densely packed silicone bristles are easy to clean with just water- (true confession- I rarely do that! I just rub them over scratch paper until most of the color has come off and stick to the same color family for each brush)
  • Tombow Mono Multi Glue – (now also available in XL size!) I’ve used this glue for over 20 years, and am just as impressed by it today. Definitely, a go to- when it comes to liquid adhesive this one is IT for me! Comes out white (see what you’re doing), and dries clear! Can be used as a temporary or a permanent adhesive. Ideal for paper to paper, paper to chipboard, photo to paper. I personally use it most often in card making, and with die cuts. I do like using liquid glue in that you have a little bit of time to ‘wiggle’ into the placement you want. Plus – so economical! A little goes a long way.
  • Pioneer Embellishment Glue Stick – Ok, I admit it, I am totally a glue SNOB! I am super picky about adhesives, and I’ve tried them all. THIS glue stick is the ultimate in forever hold and universal ways to use it! Everyone was trained in preschool how to use a glue stick, but unlike glue sticks from your childhood… this one is pure paste- no wax fillers. The bond this creates between what you are adhering and what you are adhering to is VERY strong. DON’T use it unless you want it to be glued forever! If I could only ever have one glue – this is my choice. NO doubt. Plus- super affordable!
  • Leuchttrum1917 Journals – THESE journals are like a dream. You just want to pet them they are so well made! The construction, the well-thought-out design, – just superb. Personally, I like these for use as Bullet journals and for planning/sketching my project ideas out on. I know several quilters who enjoy the sublet grid pattern on paper for designing custom quilting ideas.
  • Micron Pens – ARCHIVAL! WATERPROOF! MULTIPLE SIZE TIPS! This is THE best pen for journaling and documenting and mixed media.  It is also a favorite of many artists.
  • Imagine Craft Versafine Black Onyx Ink Pad – SO JUICY! This ink pad lasts 3-5 times longer than any other ink pad! SUPER fine ink means excellent coverage for the most detailed stamps as well as bold designs. My go-to for black ink!
  • American Crafts We R Premium Trimmer – SHE is a beauty, isn’t she? Unfold the platform and lock it in place for an extended surface. The rotary blade sharpens itself with every use. There is an attached light bar to light up your cut line! Precisely cuts all kinds of papers and photos. Includes a bone folder tool.
  • Sizzix Big Shot Die Cut Machine – THE standard in die-cutting machines- and for good reason. Not too small, Not too big. Just right! Accommodates virtually all brands of die cuts, and embossing folders.
  • Lawn Fawn Liquid Stardust – YAY for sparkle! Shake well, use the dropper top to squeeze out just a drop or two onto your glass mat- or pallet. Pick up with a clean paintbrush and paint on that clear sparkle! You will be making everything shiny once you start! Fun tip- mix in a drop to watercolor paint to create a shimmering version of that color! This tiny bottle will last you ages!
  • American Crafts We R Memory Keepers 3way Corner Rounder Punch – A corner rounder punch is a really basic tool, however this one is 3 different sizes of rounding in 1 punch! Plus it’s easy to use, and most importantly it works great due to it’s corner guides and quality!

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