This Burlap Fabric Photo Holder can be made in minutes!


  • Choose a canvas the size you would like your photo holder to be.
  • Choose a color of Burlap fabric to fit your canvas and go around the sides by 3″ extra on each side.
  • Choose a coordinating fabric for the base of your canvas, make sure you have enough fabric to fold over at the top and 3″ on each side to fold around the sides and bottom.
  • Jute String
  • Mini Clips
  • Beacon Fabric Glue


  1. Lightly add fabric glue to your canvas, you don’t need much just enough so your burlap sticks to the canvas.
  2. Lay Burlap on canvas so you have about 3 inches on each side, flip over and staple to the back of the canvas. (tip: lightly pull after opposite side is stapled so fabric is on tight)
  3. Iron your Fabric at the top so you don’t have a raw edge. You can used a little fabric glue to hold the fold in place.
  4. Add to the bottom of the canvas creating a pocket, then staple sides and bottom of fabric to the back of the canvas.
  5. String jute horizontally on canvas staple to the back of each string.
  6. Add mini clips and photos!