View File to PrintHave you heard of knitting or crocheting a Temperature Blanket? It’s like a journal made from yarn!  What you do is record the high temperature each day during a period of time you choose. Each range of temperatures has a color of yarn associated with it. You simply stitch a row for the corresponding color each day – or do it all in chunks with the log you will keep of the day’s highs (download and print our chart).

You can make a blanket for a whole year (you’ll end up with a large one) or you could do one for a period of time, a season, a pregnancy, or anything. You could even use the same idea for a scarf, an afghan, or a pillow – it’s a fun way to create something colorful and meaningful in a pattern you wouldn’t normally choose.

Knit or Crochet a Temperature Blanket, Free project sheet

Ready for 2023!

Last year we changed the color palette and yarn for this blanket and we are loving how soft and comfy our finished Temperature Blanket is.  What will the new year of temps bring?

You can download the project sheet that helps you keep track of your temps and the corresponding yarn colors.  You can, of course, use your own yarn, but make sure you have enough of the same colors to finish the job. This selection of Premier Everyday DK yarn is sure to be available if you need to re-stock yarn mid-blanket. You never know what the weather will bring.

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See Inspiration from in-progress Temp Blankets below: