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This Cool Home sign with a Seattle City silhouette could be made with an Oregon or Idaho city skyline as well. We carry the Oregon, Washington and Idahos State MDF Surface at stores in those states. The lights behind it are optional, but they really do make it stand out.

Seattle Skyline Home Sign

Supply List:


  1. Paint State surface with black milk paint.
  2. Print the Seattle Skyline and cover the back of the paper with a generous amount of chalk, then flip over and trace skyline with a pen or pencil. This will give you an outline to follow when you paint.
  3. Paint Skyline using white acrylic paint. Paint 3-4 coats allowing it to dry in between coats.
  4. Add rub-on vinyl to the front of your state surface.
  5. Tape Firefly lights to the back of the state surface with masking tape.
  6. Place glue dots all around the back of your surface then place on wood board.
  7. Turn on firefly lights!

Making the Seattle Sign at Craft Warehouse