Steps on how to Make a Photo LanternWe’re big on Lanterns in home decor here at Craft Warehouse. They can be used in so many ways and for so many seasons. Recently we tried printing out photos on vellum and placing in a lantern and the results actually surprised us. Not only did it look amazing, but it was so easy!

This is an awesome idea for a gift or decor for any occasion. Fill with family photos for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Make one for each table for a wedding or anniversary party. Use photos of a child for a graduation party or birthday. You can even print out words or use old vintage images.

Get all you need to make a Lantern Photo Display at Craft Warehouse



  1. Carefully remove the glass panes from the lantern if possible. Measure the glass panes in the lantern so you know what size to print your images.
  2. Print out the photos you want on white heavy vellum paper. We made our images black and white. If you want to do that choose the grayscale printing option
  3. Tape them to the sides of the glass panes with clear tape
  4. Place glass panes back in the lantern if you removed them
  5. Place an electric candle or a string of battery operated lights in the lantern
  6. Display, enjoy and be prepared for compliments.

Photo Lantern shown with candle and with firefly lights at Craft Warehouse