We have projects for every type of crafter in this special blog series. We will show you how we did it, and what you need to do it, all found on the shelves of your local family owned and operated Craft Warehouse stores. Spell out your creativity with our DIY Monogram projects like this trendy one!

love on edge diy monogram-glitter letter compoonents

Vegas meets country in this lovely project! We took our MDF letters, brushed them with Mod Podges and sprinkled them with glitter!


Wood Letters
Mod Podge
Wood Slat Wall Plaque


1. Draw a heart on the wood plaque with a pencil and paint in your heart with white paint.

2. Over a piece of wrapping paper, using a foam brush, brush on Mod Podge to your letter.

3. Put your letter on a piece of scrap paper. Cover the glue with glitter. Lift and shake to remove loose glitter. Continue until no pieces of the wood show. Lift the scrap paper to place loose glitter back into jar.

4. Dry completely. Take outside and hit the back of your letter to get any stray or loose pieces of glitter off.

Tips: Paint the wood letter the same color as the glitter you are using. This will make glittering it a lot easier. Do one area at a time (top, middle, and then bottom) because you want an even amount of wet glue on the letter.