View File to PrintThis adorable plaque was designed by Becca from the Gresham store. Everyone loved making it and thanks to Becca we can share the template with you so you can make it, too.The link to the template is in the supply list below.

Supply List:

• Tree branch slice approx. 6”x9”
• White carbon transfer paper
Image to trace
• Embossing stylus
• Americana chalky paint, color: Honor
• Americana acrylic paint colors: Snow (Titanium) White, Black, Silver
• Metallic, Bright Orange, Santa Red
• White paint pen (Elmer’s or Posca)
• Black paint pen (Elmer’s or Posca)
• Snow Pen
• Heating Tool
• Bristled and soft hair paint brushes


1. Apply two to three coats of the Honor color Chalky Paint to the surface of the plaque, heat to dry between coats.

2. Lightly dab a bristled paint brush into the silver metallic paint, blot on a paper towel just slightly, and run your finger across the brush above the plaque to “spray” or “flick” silver over the surface to create your silvery snow effect

3. Lay transfer paper down onto the surface of your plaque and image to trace on top (Pro tip: you can keep easier control and track of your image as you’re tracing if you line the bottom left corners of the transfer paper and image to trace together and line up the image to the very left of your plaque)

4. Use embossing stylus to trace and transfer the image to your plaque

5. Use your white paint pen to fill in “Let It” and to fill in your snowman as a first coat

6. Use your snow pen and make dots along the word “Snow” (pro tip: dot the snow pen along the letters, very close together but slightly
jumbled. Fill in up to two letters at a time before you take the heat tool to puff it up as you don’t want the pen to dry before you get the
full effect. But be careful! Heat it too long and you end up with a golden brown marshmallow)

7. Fill in the rest of the snowman with corresponding colors

8. To shade your snowman, dab your brush into the white paint, you don’t want too much or your brush ends up gunky, and then ever so
slightly dip a corner of your brush into the honor chalky paint. Fill in where shadows make sense.

9. To shade your hat, scarf and nose, add white to the brush. Only a little bit at a time until you come to your desired look. Heat to dry between coats.

10. To finish, use your black paint pen to outline around your snowman and his accessories and fill in his eyes, buttons, and mouth.

Everyone making a Snowman Plaque