Charcuterie boards are all the rage. What used to be called a cheese plate has now grown up and can include almost anything. At Craft Warehouse you’ll find a nice selection of cheeseboards for your charcuterie crafting. We have food safe 100% Acacia wood cheeseboards ready for you to personalize for serving or for decor.

A well-designed and overflowing charcuterie board is the one item you want to make sure to have at all your upcoming get-togethers. See below for some tips on how to build the ultimate charcuterie boards and shop boards and accessories for your next gathering. Don’t forget the wine!

Cheese Charcuterie Boards
how to build a charcuterie board

Get the supplies for your ultimate charcuterie

Customize it

Go with the theme and have some fun

cork with lights and wine barrel decor

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