Have you rediscovered Shrinky Dinks yet?. You can use Shrinky Dinks for all kinds of fun projects. It’s a great activity to do with the kids.

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Today’s Shrinky Dinks are easier to use. You can actually run them through an inkjet printer if you want.  You can also shrink them with a heat gun – no need to use the oven!

Shrinky Dink Film at Craft Warehouse

We’ve got some fun St. Patrick’s day Shrinky Dinks here for you. What can you do with them? We’ve got three simple suggestions.

  1. Make a bracelet with some Pony Beads
  2. Create a keychain
  3. Add to a colorful ball chain for a necklace.

Fun Ways to use St Pats Day Shrinky Dinks

We have a template for the three St Pat’s day images. You can download and print the pdf for the Shrinky Dink projects here >

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