If you haven’t thought about Shrinky Dinks since you were a kid, now is a good time to revisit them. You can use Shrinky Dinks for all kinds of fun projects.

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Today’s Shrinky Dinks are easier to use. You can actually run them through an inkjet printer if you want.  You can also shrink them with a heat gun – no need to use the oven!

Shrinky Dink Film at Craft Warehouse

Valentine’s Day is a day made for sweet small tokens of love for your partner, your friends, your kids. It’s the perfect holiday for Shrinky Dink projects.  Here are two sweet projects you can make with Shrinky Dinks for your Valentines.

We have a template for the heart (we’ve given you two versions) and the envelope. You can download and print the pdf for the Shrinky Dink projects here >

Make this Shrinky Dink Thumbprint Necklace

Finger Print Hearts

Making Shrinky Dinks with a Heat Gun


• Shrink Film Printable Clear
• Gold ball Chain
• Gold jump rings
• Black Sharpie Pen
• VersaCraft black ink pad
• Hole Punch
• Scissors
• Heat Craft tool by Ranger


  1. Print template onto Shrinky Dink film.
  2. Cut out the heart and punch a hole in the top with a 1/4 inch hole punch (standard).
  3. Make 2 fingerprints in the shape of a heart.
  4. Write name & age with sharpie pen.
  5. Warm up heat gun for 1 min. Then hold over the shrink film and watch it shrink!
  6. Once completely shrunk, add the jump ring and connect to ball necklace.

Valentine's Love Notes Shrinky Dink

Love Notes Key Chain


• Key Chain
• Shrinky Dink Film
• Envelope Template
• Mini Tassel


  1. Get the template onto the Shrinky Dink film by either printing directly onto the film with your inkjet printer, or printing it on a piece of paper and then tracing it. Use a black sharpie to trace and a red sharpie to color in the heart if you do this method.
  2. Cut out the envelopes.
  3. Punch a hole in the envelope where you will want the use the key chain.  A quarter inch hole punch would work great. Make sure it’s not smaller than this.
  4. Shrink the Shrinky Dinks using a heat gun. Using a popsicle stick or something like that can help you make sure it doesn’t curl up. See Instagram video post below.
  5. Once they are cool to the touch add them to the key chain and add tassels or beads.

Projects Created by Sarah Owens for our Craft Warehouse Design Team.


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