View File to PrintThis Three Seam Pillow cover is a quick and fun way to show off your favorite fabrics and update your living space. You can create the top 24″ square fabric cover however you want. Use one piece of fabric or use a lot of squares or strips. Easy directions follow.

Concept by Melissa McGill, Pattern by Katrina Holmberg on behalf of Craft Warehouse



  • A Square of Fabric* see directionsMaking a Three Seam Pillow from Craft Warehouse
  • Thread
  • Poly-Fil stuffing
  • Optional: buttons and doll needle

Please read directions all the way through before beginning.


*Make a square of pieced fabrics. We have made a pieced square that is approximately 24in square. A 24” square will create (approximately) a 16” pillow.  You can figure that you will lose approximately 1/3 of the size when the pillow is finished.

This can be accomplished with your choice:

  • One piece of fabric, cut 24in square
  • Four 12in squares, sewn as a 4 patch
  • Sewn Charm squares, 6in squares (Photo 1)
  • Strips or scraps


1.Place the square in front of you, right side up.

2. Fold in half and pin the short sides, right sides together.  Stitch each side.  You can use whatever seam width you desire, just be consistent throughout. (Photo 2)

3. Bring the side seams in towards the middle (Points A & B in photos 2 & 3) – you have formed a new square. Leaving a 3” opening on either side of the matched side seams, pin and stitch the remaining opening on each side closed.

4. Turn to right side, stuff with polyfill to desired plumpness, and sew seam closed by hand.

Designers tip: Adding a button in the center of each side kicks up the professional looking results.  A doll needle or other really long needle is helpful to do this. It’s quite easy to do both buttons at the same time with a doll needle.