View File to PrintThese towel toppers are easy to make, super cute, and they actually make your towels easier to use. No more trying to fold them over a bar or falling off a hook. The toppers make the towels lay flat for easy accessibility when you need to dry your hands.

Dress up a plain kitchen towel with a printed cotton topper for your kitchen or give as gifts. There are so many fun ways to personalize these.

Project by Jan W on behalf of Craft Warehouse

Supply List: (makes 2)

• 1 Fat Quarter
• 1 Dishtowel (approximately 18” x 29”)
• Scrap of thin batting or flannel
• 2 Buttons
• Towel Topper Template (download and print from here)


1. Cut your towel in half so that there are two pieces approximately 14” x 18”.

2. Pleat, fold, or gather the 18” raw edge so that it measures 6 1/4” across. Stitch pleats, folds or gathers in place.

3.Using the template provided (above link) cut two pieces from fabric and one from batting or flannel.

4.Lay fabric pieces right sides together and then lay batting or flannel on top of the fabric, pin in place.

5.Starting at point A, stitch around the handle using a 1/4” seam allowance, to point B. Clip corners and turn right side out and press. Turn under a 1” hem along the open bottom end and press.

6. Insert the pleated/folded/gathered raw edge of the towel into the open end of the handle so that it lays a full inch inside. Sew at least two rows of stitches to hold it in place.

7. Center your button on the pointed end of the flap (point C) and mark for a buttonhole. Make the buttonhole then fold over the flap and mark where to sew the button. Sew the button to the handle.

8. For more embellishment add rick rack or a strip of fabric to the bottom of the towel.