Make your Halloween season extView File to Printra cozy with these Classic Monster Pillows that you can make quickly.

The directions and supplies listed here are for a no-sew version using a glue gun. You can, of course, choose to hand-sew these or create with a sewing machine.

Click through to the Monster Pillow Project Sheet to get directions and a template.


Werewolf Pillow:
• 1- 12 x 16 pillow insert
• 2 – 9 x 12 craft cuts of brown fur OR 1 fat quarter of a fluffy/long style of cuddle fleece.
• 1- 12 x 18 cut of brown wool felt
• 2- 2″ scraps of white felt
• 1 pair 35mm googly eyes

Mummu Pillow:
• 1- 12 x 16 pillow insert
• 1 pack of cheesecloth (Optional, two packs will give better coverage and make a mummy with more bandages!)
• 1 pair 4″ googly eyes

Oogie Boogie Pillow:

• 1- 12 x 16 pillow insert
• 1- half-yard cut of burlap
• 1 – 12 x 18 cut of black wool felt
• 1 skein black yarn
• 1 yarn needle


• Hot glue gun with extra glue sticks

• We recommend a set of silicon fingertip covers (available in the adhesive aisle) to protect your fingers. Hot glue tends to move through fabric and “get” you when you least expect it!