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Make a fun foxy headband easily with some felt, some jute, and a plastic headband. We have a printout template for you on the project sheet that you can print out.

Play around with other ideas like cat ears, deer ears, dog ears, and more.


• 1 Thin or Thick Headband
• Orange Felt (ear)
• Black Felt (ear tip)
• White Felt or Fur (inner ear)
• Jute String or Yarn
• 9 Beacon Fabric Glue


  1. Use some glue on the headband and wrap in jute/yarn.
  2. Cut out the ears with the template from felt.
  3. Fold them around the headband to get an idea of how it looks.
  4. Apply the white felt/fur and add the black part to the ears.
  5. Once that is dry fold them in place with glue.