Today’s Loom Band Wednesday project featured is a lot of fun! It is using a simple stitch on your loom along with craft wire! We recommend Memory Wire. Memory Wire is a beading wire that remembers and holds its shape! This will be perfect when your bracelet is done, as it will always hold this perfect wrap style!

You can find the entire instructions for this project in our top selling rubber band bracelet book called Loom Magic Xtreme! by John McCann, Becky Thomas, and Monica Sweeney (available in all Craft Warehouse stores).

Pages 90-93 describe the easy project. You will need one loom, 50 loom bands, a pair of pliers or wire cutters, Memory Wire (the length of about two looms), and one hook to complete the wrap bracelet. This simple stitch is repeated over and over. Make the rainbow style we have or create your own pattern!