These unfinished wood block tealight candle holders are a favorite surface at Craft Warehouse. We have used these to make decorations for all seasons and occasions. They are sold separately, so you can get as many or as little as you want. We recommend using the electric tea lights in them. Come by and get a few and make a display for any season or person you want! It’s a great way to show off your favorite scrap[book papers collection.

For this post, we made a set for Fall. Here are the directions to create this set.


• 4 Wood Block Candle Holders

• Scrapbook papers of your choice. You will need at least 4 12×12 sheets

• Acrylic paint or stain of your choice for wood blocks and for letters

Chipboard Letters

E6000 glue

Pioneer Embellishment Glue Stick

• Electric Tealights

Optional: Ink Blending Tool



1. Paint the wood blocks the color you want. You can also leave them raw and unfinished if you prefer that. Let dry.

2. Paint the chipboard letters the color you want. Don’t forget to get the sides of the letters.

3. Measure the side of a block and cut your paper a little bit smaller than the measurement of the side (about 1/8 smaller would be good unless you want more of the wood to show.

4. Optional: Choose a contrasting or matching ink pad and use an ink blending tool to blend some color onto the edges of the paper after it’s cut. This takes the white line away from the cut paper and can add to the overall look (see photo above)

5. Glue the paper onto the dry blocks with the Pioneer Embellishment Glue Stick (apply the adhesive to the paper as well as the back of the block.

6. Once that is fixed, glue the letters onto the blocks with the E6000 glue.

7. Place tea lights in candle blocks.