The new year always brings motivation to start fresh and nothing feels more like a fresh start than a clean, new piece of paper.  A journal or planner that is brand new offers so much hope and excitement in it for the user. We vow that we will fill it out daily, we’ll only write nicely, we will not hurry, we won’t ignore it. Sometimes we make good on our vows, sometimes we falter.

Don’t feel bad about it. There is so much more to feel bad about in this world, don’t knock yourself down for not writing in a journal. However, if you have the correct journal or planner for you, it will make it easier to follow through. In doing so, you’ll find a new understanding of yourself and refreshed view of your daily life.

Recording your life not only helps you keep track of daily tasks and plan for the weeks ahead, but it also acts as a record, a diary of your activities and plans. Once filled out, you can look back and see an overview of your everyday life in a way that is hard to see while you’re living it.

But, what is the right journaling system for you? Are you a planner type or is an open-layout more your thing?  Here is an infograph that breaks it down and shows which system might be the best for you based on your style (scroll down to see the text in the image with links to discover more).

Which Planner or Journal is Right for You?

A Bullet Journal might be your ideal if:

• You’re constantly making lists
• You can never find a planner that has exactly what you want
• You’d rather just make it yourself

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An Art Journal might be right for you if:

• You find you think better when drawing or painting
• You’re most inspired by color and images
• You’re sick of words and want to discover a new way of expression

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A Planner might be right for you if:

• You have a busy schedule and need to see what’s ahead and what’s behind
• You LOVE stickers and pretty papers
• You enjoy laying out pages, matching colors and adding accents

See more about starting a Planner here:

A Travelers Journal might be ideal for you if:

• You’re on-the-go a lot and need a smaller journal
• You do a lot of traveling and day trips and would like to save souvenirs (tickets, baggage claim tags, receipts)
• You like the size and the blank pages

A Bible Journal might be right for you if:

• You’d like to spend more time exploring your faith in a new way
• You learn better when you write things down or draw
• You’d like to remember and reflect on your faith regularly.

A Traditional Journal might be right for you if:

• You do better processing and remembering things when you write them down
• You tend to write a lot, but you like to decorate sometimes, too
• You’ve always kept a diary.

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