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Here is a sweet, easy and impactful display that you can use for Valentine’s Day, anniversary or a special birthday. We used mason jars and turned them upside down to look like a glass dome. Then with spray painted lids and your images inside, you create a display that’s festive and unique. We also created a yarn heart to display with the images. Ready to capture some love under glass? Directions follow or print out the project sheet.

What you’re seeing in the image is two larger displays (quart size mason jar) and one smaller size (pint size mason jar). We’ll give directions for that, but of course, you can do any configuration you like.

Supply List:
• 2 Quart Wide Mouth Mason Jar
• 1 Pint Wide Mouth Mason Jar
• 3 Acrylic Knobs
• Red Spray Paint
Clear Spray Paint Sealer
Sweet Roll Yarn (wild cherry swirl)
• Chipboard to make heart
• 2 Photo stands with wood base (CAL – 145)
• Tim Holtz Idea-o-logy Mini Clips
E6000 Glue
Beacon Fabric Glue


Make Love Under Glass - Mason Jar Project


1. Spray paint all lids with red paint.
2. After lids are completely dry paint with a clear coat sealer.
3. Glue Knob on the bottom of mason jars using E6000 glue.
4. Make a heart yarn embellishment, start by cutting out a 2” heart out of chipboard.
5. Wrap yarn around the chipboard until you can’t see the chipboard any longer.
6. Glue the last string to the back of the heart using Beacon fabric glue.
7. Place 2”x3” Horizontal Photo on the photo stand by taping the photo to the stand.
8. Place in the quart wide mouth Mason Jar and screw on the painted lid.
9. Place the yarn heart on the other photo stand then place in the second quart Mason Jar and screw the lid on.
10. For the last pint jar, add 2 mini Tim Holtz clips on the bottom of your 2”x3” photo. This will hold your photo standing up. Place in the jar and screw on the painted lid.

Valentines Mason Jar Display

This project made by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse