Make some homemade slime for your favorite Valentine. It’s so pretty in the bottle with our free printable tag attached. We added sequins that had hearts in to make this cheery slime perfect for Valentine’s Day – or should we say Valen-slimes Day.

Free Printable Slime Valentine Tags



• Elmers Clear or Glitter Glue
• Elmers Magical Liquid Solution
• Pink, Red, Purple and/or Silver Sequins (about a tablespoon per jar of slime)
• Mason Jars
Printable Tags
• Bakers Twine
• Optional: Montana Gold Spray Paint in Gold for Lid


  1. Pour entire bottle of clear 6oz or colored glitter glue 8oz into a plastic bowl.
  2. Then pour in 1 tablespoon of sequins.
  3. Pour in Elmers Slime Solution (follow measurements on the side of the bottle)
  4. Stir until most the solution is mixed, then knead it with your hands.


Steps to Make Valentine Slime

Pink Sequin Valentine Slime