There are a lot of reasons to want to keep bottles after the beverages are gone. Maybe they have a great design, maybe it’s for a sentimental reason, maybe it’s your favorite brand, or maybe they were from a batch of homemade spirits. Either way, keeping the bottles the way they are doesn’t give you a ton of options for use. But, if you have the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter you can re-purpose those empty wine, beer, soda, liquor, cider or champagne bottles into glasses, storage containers, planters, lamps, votives, candles..all kinds of things!

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter makes it easy to slice any round bottle up to 1.5 liter (43mm to 102mm). You simply score the bottle until you hear the distinctive click and then run hot water and then cold water over it. You finish it off with sanding the edges under running water.

Scoring a bottle to ypcycle with the Kinkajou bottle cutter from Craft Warehouse

Upcycling bottles with the Kinkajou bottle cutter


Upcycling bottles gives you a great way to make custom gifts for your friends and family. You can make them a set of drinking glasses from their favorite brand of beverage or make a vase from a champagne bottle from a wedding or anniversary celebration. There are so many options, including this post we did about making bottles into a chandelier and candle votives.

Here’s some ideas we got from our Recycled Crafts boards on Pinterest. What will you make?

The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter lets you make tons of recycled bottle crafts