Cameo ClassWe often hear from customers who have a Silhouette Machine and have never used it. Some have never even set it up. The Silhouette Cameo is an amazing tool that most crafters want – but, It can be intimidating or confusing at first. So it sits in the box in a corner of the craft room. Bummer.

We are here to say Do not be Afraid of your Silhouette Cameo! It’s your friend and once you get the hang of it – which can happen quickly – you’ll be so excited at all you can make with it.

So, open that box and set it up. There is a video below to take you through the steps. Here is a short list of what you’ll be doing to get started.

1. Take it out of the box

2. Check and make sure you have all the machine parts before you proceed (you will possibly have more than this if you bought it as a bundle).

contents of silhouette cameo

3. Register your Cameo with Silhouette and create your Silhouette account.

4. Take off the tapes and foam pieces in and on the machine

5. Plug in Silhouette and turn on.

6. Go through the set-up steps on the Cameo’s screen to choose options

7. Connect the Cameo to your computer.

8  Download the software. (It may prompt you to download a newer version quickly after you do this. Do that, and download new versions as often as they come up). Video help below, if needed.

9. Load auto-blade – make sure the blade is on correctly. See more details in the video.

The video below will go further and take you into creating a project. If you want to move forward, great! If not, stay tuned, as we will be focusing on a first project in the next installment of Cameo Class.



Here is a video of the unboxing of the new Cameo 4