The Twister Tool from Twister Sisters is easy to use tool that makes making Pinwheel quilts much easier. No more need for tracing or templates. With each Twister tool, you’ll get instructions, a pattern and the tool.  Katrina from our design team had some fun with the Mini-Twister Tool. We have some images and tips for you on how to get the most out of your Twister tool.

Mini Twister Tool

For the pillow we created, the first step was to start out with a top piece consisting of a standard square quilt top with a border. Once you have this you begin cutting into it with the tool.

The Twister Tool has silicon feet to raise it over the fabric just enough that your tool isn’t rocking or slipping over the seams.  Ingenious!

All you do is continue to cut to create the rows and then put the rows together.



Twister Quilted Pillow How-To

(first image) The top piece before it was cut up, (second image) aligning the tool, (third image) the rows of squares you will have to create the pillow top.

Designer Tip:

  • Spray all of your fabrics with Mary Ellen’s Best Press starch before you cut or sew.  When you’re cutting squares using the Twister Tool, you’re creating bias edges that easily stretch.  Using the starch stiffens the fabric and reduces the chance of stretching.  It really does make a difference!
  • Press, don’t iron. Don’t use steam as steam will relax and subsequently stretch the fabric.

The Twister Tool comes in a few sizes with different patterns for each. Also available, a Twister Planner which helps you design Twister quilts in many styles up to a Queen Size quilt.

Twister Tool Patterns and Booklets

Watch the Video Demo for the Twister Tool with special Tips from Katrina