It’s all in the glue!

Creating a 2 or 3 tiered serving tray is easier than you would think. Choose a 2″ glass candle stick as your base and glue it to a glass dish with E6000 glue.

Candle Holder + Glass Plate + Glue = 3 Tiered Dessert tray

Heirloom Glass Componants

Create Fancy Mason Jars Goblets the same way. Glue a glass candlestick holder to the bottom of a mason jar. Have fun with options, like tinting the glass with Tint It Spray or using vintage dishes mixed with clear glass.

Craft Warehouse carries basic heirloom-style glass dishes and candlestick holders, as well as mason jars and the all essential E6000 glue. How will you design your Tiered Serving Trays?