Stay organized as you head back to school with this Chalkboard Message Board! Keep notes of what is coming up “this week” with chalk and add appointments to the chicken wire with clothes pins! It is the perfect way to rein in the chaos!


Chicken Wire Chalkboard
Chalkboard Clothes Pins
“This Week” Vinyl
Bistro Chalkboard Markers
Drawer Pull
American Decor Chalky Finish Paint
Foam Brush
Eye Hooks
RibbonThis Week Chalkboard Message Board


1. Apply Chalky Finish Paint to wood on the front of the chalkboard. Let dry.

2. Apply vinyl to the chalkboard according to package directions. Carefully season the chalkboard around the vinyl using the chalk flat on the surface going in one direction – then again in the opposite.

3. Screw in the drawer pull upside down to create a chalk holder.

4. Use a bistro marker to write on the chalkboard clothes pins and attach to the chicken wire.

5. Screw small eye hooks into the top of the frame and slide the ends of the ribbon through both hooks and tie a knot.

Hang and enjoy!