If you were around in the 70’s and early 80’s you’re probably pretty aware of String Art. A popular decor choice at the time, you could buy finished pieces at arts and crafts fairs and hip home decor stores. However, at the time, most people made their own string art with kits or through classes. Tons of String Art kits were sold during that decade, making the 70’s the peak time for String Art. Then it disappeared – until recently. String Art is back and it’s just as hip as before. But, now, it’s more accessible.

Vintage 70s String Art

Vintage 1970’s String Art

The String Art you see today on Etsy and Pinterest can be as simple as tracing a line of string around some nails. It doesn’t have to include tons of tiny nails and angles that turn into circles. Todays String Art is whatever you want it to be – an outline, filled-in, chaotic, neat and clean – it’s all up for grabs. And you don’t have to use “string” – try yarn, or bakers twine or jute for a new look.





Learn how to make this simple Succulent String Art >




String and Yarn Art Collage from Pinterest

String Art Inspiration found on Pinterest

Why not use a “string” of battery operated lights instead of actual string? Our Craft Warehouse Team made this super cute Cactus “string” art by tracing the shape, painting it in and then using our Firefly Lights to outline the shape. Brilliant!

Cactus Light up String at from Craft Warehouse