12 Unique Ideas for using Painted Rocks in your Decor

The Joy Rock Club – Why Painting Rocks is all you Need

Published On: July 19th, 2017Categories: Create - The Craft Warehouse Blog, Summer

There’s something about rocks. 

The weight of them, the availability of them, the way they fit in your hand – people just like them. Have some in your home and watch how many people pick them up.

Painting rocks and leaving them for people to find or trading them at rock swaps has become a popular activity for kids and families. It’s super fun and inclusive. We host Rock Swaps at a number of our Craft Warehouse stores and it’s always and fun and popular event.

However, Rock Painting is not just for the kids or for swapping. Painted rocks are a great way to decorate outdoors and indoors. Painted Rocks can be sophisticated and simple as well as fanciful and cheery. Best of all making them can be as inexpensive as free! Check out some of these fresh ideas we found on Pinterest. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do.

• Painted rocks look great around the house. They can act as a paperweight and a conversation starter, but mostly they just look pleasing placed in the right spot. Use a painted rock to highlight a small decorative vignette in your house by placing rocks on a plate, on a stack of books or near some candles or floral arrangement. 

> The rocks from left to right: Copper Dazzling Metallics acrylic paint and gray paint on gravel rocks, color blocked rocks from unknown on Pinterest, Black painted rocks with gold pen from here, marbled rock from here

Paint Rocks Metallic for Instant Glamour from Craft Warehouse

• I know it might seem contradictory to say that average rocks you find in your yard can be glamorous – but look at these metallic painted rocks! Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold – all these colors come in easy to use paint-on or spray-on applications and the results are gorgeous! Gold Leaf sheets and Gold Leaf pens are also used on these rocks. All these supplies are available at Craft Warehouse.

> The rocks from left to right: Big Spray Paint Gold Rock Bookends here, Gold and Copper Leaf rocks, 18K Gold Leaf Pen on Rocks, Painted rocks in candle display here

Ideas for Painted Rocks for Outdoor Decor

• You can use painted rocks to decorate your outdoor space, too. Why not make some for your front porch, your garden or your patio. Remember to spray any rocks that will be outdoors with a coat of sealer. We recommend the Americana Sealer.

> The rocks from left to right: Hello rocks for front porch here, Veggie rocks for the garden here, Tic Tac Toe rocks board here, Turtle rocks here

Rocks are plentiful for sure, but if the rocks you can access aren’t as smooth as you would like we also carry a Bag of River Rocks that are ideal for painting, for floral arrangements and for Fairy Gardens.


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