Create Quick and Easy Pillows for a more festive Valentines!

For Free Project Sheet click on Sweet Heart Valentine Pillows for a PDF and pattern.


  • 2 – 16” Fairfield pillow forms
  • 1 yard of a background fabric from the First Crush fabric line by Moda
  • FQ of red fabric from First Crush fabric line by Moda
  • Thread to match fabric, (Mettler color 601 is a great match with the red in the First Crush fabric line)
  • ¼ yard of Heat’n Bond Lite**
  • ¼ yard of Sulky Soft Lightweight Tear Away Stabilizer


  1. Cut fabric to 17” x 38”. Place the wrong side of the fabric up.
  2. On each narrow end of your fabric, fold over ¼” and press in place. Again on each narrow end, fold over the fabric, this time ½” and pin. Press in place. Stitch close to the top of the folded edge, creating a hem. Set aside.
  3. Press your fat quarter. Trace the X* and O* onto the Heat’nBond Lite. Cut the letter out and following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the X and O onto the fabric. Cut the letter out a little bit larger than the fused part and set aside.**
  4. Walk through the overlapping in step 9 to determine the center of your pillow. Mark with a pin and lay the pillow top flat again.
  5. Centering the X or O onto the pillow fabric, fuse into place.
  6. Cut a piece of Sulky Soft Lightweight Tear Away Stabilizer about 1” larger than the letter you are using. Pin it to the wrong side of the pillow, underneath the letter. This will keep the fabric from puckering as you stitch the around the letter, giving a more professional look to your pillow.
  7. Using matching thread, stitch about a ¼” from the edge all the way around the letter. This will allow it to fray as it’s being used.**
  8. With the right side of your fabric facing up, bring each hemmed end up to the middle. You will want to overlap the hemmed edges 4½” inches, creating a nice flap or enclosure to hold the pillow form. Pin the sides. Check to be sure the pillow is 16” from fold to fold. If not, adjust your pins and measure again. Stitch the sides closed with a ½” seam allowance.
  9. Trim or cut the corners at an angle, close to your stitching. Turn right side out, poking the corners out so they are nice and crisp.
  10. Iron and insert your pillow form. Repeat over and over to create your own look!

By Katrina Hamer for Craft Warehouse