Instructions for Star Wars R2D2 and Yoda Ornaments:

Star Wars R2D2 Ornament decoart acrylic paint

White acrylic craft paint
Grey acrylic craft paint
Masking or painters tape
Round glass ornament
Deco Pens – Blue, Red, Black

-Pour white acrylic paint into a round glass ornament. Coat the entire inside and turn upside down to let the excess paint drain out. Let dry overnight. Replace cap once dry.

-Wrap a strip of tape around the middle of the ornament. Press it as flat as possible and paint the top half of the ornament with grey acrylic paint. Once it has dried, gently remove the tape. You may need to touch up the line a little bit. Add paint as necessary, or remove excess paint by lightly scraping with your fingernail.

-Using Black, Red, and Blue Deco Pens decorate your ornament. It’s helpful to bring up a picture of R2D2 on your phone to use as a reference. Start with the blue markings and add in the smaller details after. For the white shine on his “eye”, dip the end of your paintbrush handle into the white craft paint and make a dot.

Star Wars Yoda Ornament decoart acrylic paint

-This was made using the same process, but with green acrylic, green deco pen, and two pieces of craft foam painted to match his head.
Created by Joelle from our Beaverton Craft Warehouse