Make someone’s day extra nice and lucky this St. Patrick’s Day by filling a jar with some candy. But, not just any candy, choose all green or rainbow and gold candy to create these St. Patrick’s Day themed gifts.  Our Design Team created these labels and packaging ideas that work great with our wide-mouth mason jars and milk bottle.  Download and print the labels on cardstock. Get the free printable labels here.

Below you can read more about how to create these “magically delicious” St Patty’s Day treats.

Directions for Clear Glass Jars:

  • Spray paint lids with gold spray paint (you could use metallic paint and paint it on as well, but be careful to keep it as smooth as possible)
  • Cut out the labels you want to use
  • Fill jars with candy.
  • Candy tips: we used mint M&M’s to get the various green colors in the green milk jar. Choose gold foil wrapped Rolo candies or Chocolate Gold Coins to represent gold at the end of the rainbow. Separate candy colors and sticks to represent the rainbow colors. Optional extra: use marshmallows to represent clouds at the very top.
  • Once lids are completely dry, place on jar and wrap around bakers twine and tie on the label. If you are gluing on the label, we recommend using Sticky Thumb Tape Runner.  Download labels here >

St Patricks Day Mason Jars

Directions for Leprechaun Painted Mason Jar:


• Belt:5/8” black ribbon
• Gold Glitter Paper
• Pen blade
• Glue Dots 1/2”

  1. Spray paint jar with Green spray paint
  2. Spray lid with gold paint
  3. Cut 1”x1” glitter square – using a pen blade cut a square in the middle of the 1” square to make it look like a belt buckle.
  4. Once jar and lid are dry, wrap the ribbon around the middle of the jar using glue dots.
  5. Place buckle in the middle of the ribbon using glue dots.

Making a Leprechaun Mason Jar

This project made by Sarah Owens for Craft Warehouse