Get inspired with our NEW Hazel and Ruby Handmade DIY Decor Tape! In just minutes you can customize a wood plaque in no time! I used two different tapes to cover this wood plaque; a solid and a floral pattern! Then I took black letters and painted them white to customize it with a name!

Unfinished hanging wood plaque sign with rope hanger
Choose black 4″ wood letters
White craft acrylic paint, and foam brush
Choose 1 style of 6″ Decor Tape by Hazel and Ruby
Choose 1 style of 4″ Decor Tape by Hazel and Ruby
3in1 Beacon glue
Craft knife


1. Smooth the 6″ Decor tape across top of unfinished sign.

2. Smooth the 4″ Decor tape across the bottom of unfinished sign- so that only a couple of inches are layered to sign.

3. Turn sign over and cut away any excess decor tape with craft knife.

4. Paint black letters white (or whatever color you like) using foam brush. allow to dry

5. Arrange the 4″ wood letters how you like, and then use 3in1 Beacon glue to adhere in place.