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Slime Recipes

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Slime is a big trend with elementary and middle schoolers these days. Although some kids do buy or trade slime, the real fun with slime is being a mad scientist and creating your own favorite blend. Once you’ve added the borax solution to glue you can then include any mix-ins you want and just keep adding ingredients and kneading it until it becomes the consistency you want.

AMaking Slime at Craft Warehousell Craft Warehouse stores have Slime displays and many have created some fun and crazy recipes for slime. Stop by your local Craft Warehouse to see the samples and get all the supplies you need. We have borax, glue, mix-ins, paint and containers to keep your slime contained.

Make your own SLIME

Please note: It is essential that you completely dilute the borax in water before using.

Basic Slime Recipe - Get ingredients at Craft Warehouse

Classic Slime

Make a Borax Solution
In a bowl:
• Add 1 cup hot water
• 1 tbsp borax
• Mix thoroughly

Make the Slime:
In a separate bowl:
• Add 4oz Elmer’s School Glue
• Add food coloring 1 drop at a time until you get color you want.
• Mix well.
• Add Borax Solution one spoonful or less at a time until the slime reaches the correct consistency. (Too much borax solution will make a firmer less “slimy” slime and will be more like a putty)
• Take out of the bowl and knead. Continue kneading until the slime is not sticky. (It will be very sticky and gooey for a while whilst kneading it, keep going before adding a very small amount more borax solution.)

• Options: Glitter can be added to glue before you add the borax solution.


Translucent Slime

  1. Make borax solution as above
  2. In a separate bowl add 4oz Elmer’s Blue Gel Glue
  3. Glitter (optional)
  4. 2 oz. of water and mix.
  5. Add borax solution 1 tbsp or less at a time until you reach proper consistency.
  6. Take out of the bowl and knead slime until it is not sticky. This takes a little time be patient.

TIP: This is less “slimy” than using traditional white school glue, it is a more firm texture and takes longer for form, only add more borax solution after working with it for a while, it is always very tempting to add more, but this will result in a very firm product.

Slime Recipes from Craft Warehouse


So many things can be added into Slime to create the texture and style you want. You can add Slime Dust (Micro Beads), Slime Bling (Styrofoam Balls), Glitter, Neon paint, Sequins, Sparkle Flakes, Glow in the Dark paint, Metallic paint…so many options! And then you get to name it! Here are some fun ideas to start you off:

  • Fairy Snot- Clear or Blue Gel Glue+ Nuvo Iridescent Glitter
  • Unicorn Skin- Clear or Blue Gel Glue + Iridescent Sparkle Flakes
  • Snail Trails- Clear Glue + Slime Dust (Micro Beads)
  • Dragon Scales – White Glue + Red Sequins + Orange Paint
  • Mermaid Fin- White Glue + Green/Blue paint + Blue/Green Sequins + Slime Dust (Micro Beads)
  • Beach Slime- Clear Glue + Small Shells + Slime Dust (Micro Beads) (optional: add Blue or Sand colored paint)
  • Mega or Ultimate Slime- Has everything! Paint color + Slime Bling (Styrofoam Balls) + Sequins + Glitter!
  • Marshmallow Slime- White Glue + Slime Bling (Styrofoam Balls)
  • Honey Bee Slime- Clear Glue + Gold Extra Fine Glitter?
  • Pot of Gold Slime- Extra Fine Glitter + Regular Gold Glitter + Yellow Paint
  • Alien Ectoplasm – Neon Green paint + Glow in the Dark Paint (optional: Iridescent Sparkle Flakes or Glitter)
Slime Supplies available in OR and WA at Craft Warehouse

Slime store displays from the Vancouver , Medford, and Hazel Dell stores. Your local Craft Warehouse can help you with all you need to experiment with Slime.


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