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How to Tie Friendship Bracelets

Elastic cord is the preferred choice for making beaded friendship bracelets because it’s comfortable and easily fits any wrist. However, if you've ever tried to tie a simple knot with elastic cord, you know it can be challenging. You don't want the bracelet you just made to suddenly fall apart. Using [...]

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Knit this Bias National Parks Blanket – Corner to Corner – Free Pattern

Knit Up a Parks Blanket for Yourself or a Loved One. Celebrate the beauty of our National Parks with a cozy, customized Parks Blanket! Reminiscent of the trade blankets of the past, this project allows you to create a unique piece by choosing stripes in colors that represent your favorite parks. [...]

Knit this: Triangle Garter Stitch Scarf Shawl – Free Pattern

This lovely project was made by Lisa from our Craft Warehouse Design Team. The pattern uses the Garter stitch. We've updated this project this season with the Shhh DK Yarn from James Brett. The Shhh Colors are designed to create broad stripes of color as you knit or crochet with a [...]

Knit This: Chunky Bias Stripe Scarf – Free Project Sheet

This pretty scarf was made with the Canyon Colors by Premier which is a classic variegated print yarn in a range of rich colors that combines many hues in each skein to make blended stripes. The pattern is a good way to learn how to knit a bias scarf. When worn [...]

Sew this: Self-Binding Cuddle Blanket – Free Pattern

Check out this delightful and hassle-free baby blanket pattern from Shannon Fabrics. We made one up and it is so soft and perfect for gifting a baby or child. With this free pattern, you can effortlessly create a warm and cuddly blanket without the fuss of adding a separate binding. Designed [...]

Jeanean ❤ Paper Crafts | Tried and True-Love Paper Craft Tools

Jeanean is the Paper Crafts Buyer at Craft Warehouse, Video Instructor Extraordinaire, and our resident Paper Crafts Expert. She has had over 20 years of experience trying every new tool that comes out and making cards and paper projects on a daily basis. Jeanean knows her stuff.  So, we asked her [...]

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Create a Wall of Faux Plants for a Garden Look Anywhere

Faux plants in a shadow box frame can bring a touch of nature and bohemian style to any room. It's a great way to incorporate greenery and flowers into interior decor without worrying about maintenance or sunlight requirements. Plus, the added dimension of the plants falling out from the frame can [...]

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Make a Bushel of Fabric Carrots for Spring

A basket full of these charming fabric carrots is a perfect spring decor item that is easy to make and looks so adorable on your spring table display. String them for a garland, add to Easter baskets, and more. 1/4 yard of fabric makes 6 carrots. Get the free printable project [...]

Make a Bias Knit Temperature Blanket

We are all about updating a trend! For 2024 we are introducing a Bias Knit Temperature Blanket. This fun version will have you knitting your Temperature Blanket corner to corner, showing off the year in temperature in a new way! Knit in three segments for a whole year; first to grow [...]

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Use Strips of Paper to Make a Bunny or Carrot Garland for Spring

All you need are some scraps of paper to make these super cute spring and Easter decorations.  You don't need any fancy tools, but, you can use them if you have them. Use your scrapbook paper, cardstock, construction paper  - anything you can find. This would be a fun craft to [...]


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