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Simply Simmons Synthetic Brush – Short Handle – Flat Shaders and Flat Combs and Flat Washes (view sizes/styles)

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Simply Simmons is a line of quality brushes for students, amateurs, and professionals.

Angular Brights/Shaders: Used for tight shading and curved strokes.

Brights/Blenders: Length and width of brush is generally squared – Like flats, but shorter hairs make a stiffer brush.

Dagger Striper/Sword: Long chisel edge for easy, fine lines. Vary pressure for thick-to-thin ribbon effect.

Fans: Brush fibers are spread out making it useful for subtle blending and for textural effects.

Filberts: Create a softer edge than a flat or bright. Flats: Longer hairs than a bright, this brush has more flex and a large color carrying capability.

Grainer/Comb/Ridge: A Grainer/Comb/Ridge produce a repetitive pattern of thin lines.

Liners: Similar to rounds, but with longer hairs. Liners have a large color carrying capacity and makes long, fluid strokes.

Rounds: Smaller sizes are typically used for detail work and larger sizes tend to be used for washes and filling in color.

Strokes: Strokes have long, rectangular ends, a large color carrying capacity and create long, fluid strokes.

Washes: A wide, flat brush used primarily to lay-in large amounts of color, to wet paper, or for blending.

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