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Scotland Yard needs your help! Professor Moriarty is on the run. He was last spotted escaping in a hot air balloon over the Thames. Use your deductive reasoning to catch him but be careful… Moriarty is dangerous and concocting more crimes. Find him before it’s too late! In Scotland Yard: Sherlock Holmes Edition, a new version of the award-winning classic Scotland Yard, players take on the roles of Sherlock Holmes, his brother Mycroft, and his companions, Dr. Watson, Inspector Lestrade, and Irene Adler as they pursue Moriarty throughout the streets of London. Moriarty can be spotted rarely as he can use his hot air balloon to move quickly and cover his tracks. Moriarty wins if he escapes, so the clever detectives will need to work together and use their special abilities skillfully to bring him to justice.

Ages 8+

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