Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife

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Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife

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Ideal for cutting intricate details on paper, cloth, chipboard, overlays and other lightweight crafting materials. Ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle acts as a place to rest your finger for maximum control, sensitivity and comfort. Handle shape prevents knife from rolling off the table. Included safety cap protects the blade during storage. Replacing the blade is easy and takes only moments. Five-packs of replacement #11 blades are available (item# 96017197).

Designed to maximize your cutting precision, our Fingertip Detail Knife features an ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle for unmatched control, sensitivity and comfort, plus an ultra-sharp blade perfect for cutting designs in tight spaces or trimming straight edges. This specialized craft knife cuts intricate details on a wide range of lightweight materials. No matter what the craft project might be, our Fingertip Detail Knife is the right tool for making the final result as precise as your imagination.

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