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Chakra Stone Set

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Chakra Stone Set

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Includes one each of the following: Amethyst – crown chakra – soothes mind + connects to higher consciousness, Sodalite – third eye chakra – clears confusion + encourages self-trust, Blue Kyanite (wand) – throat chakra – balances all chakras + brings compassionate communication, Green Aventurine– heart chakra – encourages kindness + protects heart chakra, Yellow Jade – solar plexus chakra – releases emotions in dreams + inspires ambitions toward goals, Carnelian – sacral chakra – eases feelings of fear or grief + increases creativity, Red Jasper – root chakra – helps find positive solutions + provide energetic protection, and one cotton muslin bag for crystal storage.

Chakra Stones: An Introduction to Supporting Chakras with Crystals is an updated and elevated take on chakra balancing practices. The inner cover offers in-depth information about crystal properties and chakra meanings, including the traditional Sanskrit names and updated, modern interpretations of the chakra symbols.



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