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Bazic Glitter Shaker Set – Primary Color – 6 Piece

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Bazic Glitter Shaker Set – Primary Color – 6 Piece

Glitter powder is individually packed according to different color, 7g per jar. You can use for a long time as glitter comes in container with lid for convenient and easy use. Made of high quality material this fine glitter is non-toxic and safe to use by children and adults of all ages. Easy to mix with glue or paint, also easy to clean with water.

Glitter powder is packed in jars with shaker tops, help handle glitter amount precisely and evenly, and the lids are secured tightly, ensuring no loose glitter. Comes in assorted bright sparkling colors, featuring primary, neon, gold and silver colors. Turns ordinary projects into extraordinary ones. Very fine glitter, perfect for craft lovers, widely used in epoxy resin, nail art, slime, festival decorations, school projects, Halloween decoration, anything you want!

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