Art Alternatives Alcohol Marker (view colors)

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Art Alternatives Illustration Markers combine vibrant, easy flowing alcohol-based inks with dual nibs, making them ideal for coloring on canvas, paper, art boards and many other surfaces. These markers are quick drying, non smearing and feature both a brush and chisel nib for easy filling and precision coloring.


Amethyst V8, Apple Green YG2, Aquamarine BG16, Azalea R4, Black N10, Blender N1, Blush R2, Canary Y11, Carnation R17, Citron Y4, Coffee E18, Concord Grape V14, Cool Gray 5 C5, Cool Gray 7 C7, Cool Gray 9 C9, Cranberry YR10, Dark Teal BG5, Denim B4, Firefly Y5, Golden Sun Y9, Green BG8, Gulf Blue B14, Hazelnut E6, Ice Blue B2, Lavender V5, Light Peach YR5, Lime YG1, Mantis Green BG7, Marigold Y10, Mint BG14, Nautical Blue B17, Neutral Gray 2 N2, Neutral Gray 5 N5, Neutral Gray 7 N7, Olive Green YG6, Orange Peel YR4, Oxford Blue B8, Pale Pink E15, Papaya YR7, Pastel Blue B1, Pearl E14, Periwinkle V2, Plum R13, Praline E17, Pumpkin YR13, Red Rose R11, Royal Purple V13, Ruby Red R20, Sage YG7, Sand E2, Sangria R21, Sapphire Blue B9, Sea Foam Bg13, Spearmint Green BG3, Violet V12, Warm Gray 5 W5, Warm Gray 7 W7, Warm Gray 9 W9


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