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Pen Blades are a precision cutting tool with a retractable blade, PenBlade® Craft & Hobby Knife combines versatility with safety. Activate the blade with a click, and retract the blade by simply pushing a button. PenBlade® means no more sharp edges and no more searching for knife caps.


Pen Blades

Pen Blades Make Your Crafting Hobby Safe!

– Tired of Cutting Yourself While Crafting?
– Sick of Losing Your Craft Blade Caps for Storage, Leaving Your Blade Exposed & Unsafe?
– Want to Save Money & Get More Precise Cuts with your Hobby?

Introducing Pen Blades. The Safest, Yet Sharpest Craft Knife in the industry.

– Push Button, Stainless Steel Blade Retraction for Instant Safety and Storage. No More Caps to Take On and Off and Lose!
– Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Blades for the Ultimate Long-Lasting Sharpness & Durability.
– As easy to use as a retractable ballpoint pen, and engineered for comfort and control.
– Ideal for craft, hobby, home and office – cut through plastics, vinyl, balsa wood and all grades of paper

PenBlade® is used and trusted by crafters, scrapbookers, artists & More!