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Ombre Ink Pads by Hero Arts

Ombre Ink pads are a beautiful choice for card making, art journals, planners and all kinds of crafts using rubber stamps. Many versions of gradiant color palettes available. Non-toxic and made in North America.


Ombre Ink Pads from Hero Arts have a gradation of color from light to dark on the pad. When using you the Ombre ink pads, tap the stamp back and forth to get the best results. When first done the ink may not look smooth, but it will smooth as it dries and will leave a pretty gradation of color on your paper.  You can also use part of the pad for a solid color with smaller stamps. When using large stamps, just rotate the stamp as needed being aware of which part you want lighter and darker.

Ombre Ink pads are made in North America and are non-toxic, long-lasting and quick to dry. Several color combinations are available. If you’re looking for a specific color please check with your nearest Craft Warehouse.