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Distress Ink Pads by Tim Holtz


We have a #TOOLCRUSH on these dye based Distress Ink Pads because they are reactive with water which allows for all kinds of amazing watercolor techniques. With dozens of amazing colors, the raised cloth pad, and ability to blend colors this is definitely one of our favorite ink pads!


Tim Holtz wants you to know what makes his distress pads different;

STAYS WET LONGER – (allows you to blend and shade on photos and paper – also emboss) other dye inks dry too fast especially on photos so you end up with lines and marks if you go direct from the pad.

COLOR WICKS OR SPREADS OUT – (these inks will travel across the surface of your paper when spritzed with water) other dyes do not travel as much although they might bleed a little when wet, the Distress Inks actually “wick” or spread out much further creating several tone on tones.

COLOR STABILITY – (the colors of the Distress Inks will not break down when wet or heated allowing you to have more color control for the finished look) other “brown colored” dyes will break down when water is added leaving a pink & green hue.