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Dimensional Wreath

Make this fun and festive wreath in a short time. Works as wall decor or as a table topper. Choice of square (wreath) or hexagon (blooms) pieces.


This Dimensional Wreath is a popular pattern that can be used all year long with different fabrics for different seasons. It’s especially festive for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It can be made with 6″ squares or hexagons. We also carry a pack of precut templates in both shapes that include some extra precuts that you could use to make matching coasters.

This wreath can be hung on a wall/door or placed on a table as a centerpiece. It’s a quick project that you can stitch up in an afternoon.

Skill level: Advanced Beginner


  • Fold and Stitch Patterns – Wreath or Blooms
  • Fold and Stitch Wreath Precut Interfacing – 6″ square or 6″ hexagon (12 pieces)

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