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Wood Burning Tool Kit

Create lots of projects with this one wood burning tool that also transfers images from a laser printer to the wood. Includes 11 tips with the tool plus storage case, stand and soldering tip. Tons to make and lots of inspiration!

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This Creative Versa Wood Burning Tool Kit by Walnut Hollow may surprise you by all it can do. Yes, it can burn designs in wood, but did you know you could also transfer images from laser printer paper in color or black and white to wood with one of the tools in this kit? You can also transfer images from rubber stamps that you can then paint. Includes tips that you can use to create patterns, shading, calligraphy, dots, cursive writing, intricate designs and shapes. Also includes a soldering point for joining metal.

  • Versa Wood Tool Kit comes with:
  • Wood Burning Tool featuring variable temperature control and comfort grip
  • 11 interchangeable points
  • Lead-free solder
  • Locking storage case
  • Folding stand
  • Instructions