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Scribbles 3D 1 oz Fabric Paints


Scribbles 3D 1 oz Fabric Paints from Duncan are dimensional fabric and craft paints that can be used on clothing, crafts, home decor, and more. Scribbles 3D Paint is beautiful and durable on fabric, wood, paper, baskets, metal, and almost every other craft surface. Permanent colors are machine washable after 72 hours. Squeeze bottles with an easy-to-use precision tip for drawing fine lines. Nontoxic


Scribbles 3D 1 oz Fabric Paints offer quality dimensional paint at a value price! Great for beginners, family crafts, school projects and so much more, Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint is nontoxic and dries permanent and machine washable for creativity that lasts. What’s more, the easy-squeeze bottles make applying paint a piece of cake! Discover dimensional, colorful fun in every bottle! Available in Shiny, Iridescent, Glitter, Crystals, Glow and Neon.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1-oz. easy squeeze bottle
  • Nontoxic
  • Permanent and machine washable
  • Needlenose tip makes precise application easy
  • Great for beginners, school projects, family crafts and more!


1. Prewash fabric; do not use fabric softener.
2. Shake bottle well.
3. Insert shirtboard or cardboard between layers of fabric.
4. Squeeze Scribbles Dimensional Paint right out of the bottle.
5. Wait 72 hours before washing. Wash in warm water, gentle cycle with mild soap; line dry. Clean up with soap and water. Do not dry clean.


  • Choose fabrics that are machine or hand washable. For best results, use 50/50 cotton/polyester blends. Always remember to prewash your fabric and do not use fabric softener or a dryer sheet.
  • Squeeze out a small amount onto a paper towel to begin paint flow.
  • Always hold the applicator tip against the fabric.
  • Test paint in a hidden area to ensure compatibility with fabric.
  • Hold the Scribbles Dimensional Paint bottle in your hand like a pencil.
  • Tap bottle firmly, tip downward, on hard surface. Flush out bottle by squeezing out a small amount of paint, and wiping tip clean.
  • For raised linework, hold the bottle at an angle to the fabric, allowing more paint to escape. For flat linework, hold bottle straight up and down, allowing less paint to escape. Practice your linework on preprinted paper towels.
  • Set rhinestones, buttons and charms by squeezing a bead of paint about the same size as the stone. Place stone on top of paint. Gently tap rhinestone into paint so that the paint come up around edges to form a setting. Let dry flat.