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We carry a curated collection of metal or reclaimed wood lanterns that are designed for home decor. These lanterns work well for all seasons. You can use them for ambient light with a candle or small string of lights or fill with natural elements or decor for each season.

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At Craft Warehouse we’ve made creating the lantern display you want SO EASY. When you shop our Home Decor aisles you’ll find the lanterns stocked next to all the filler we carry. You’ll also most likely see samples of lanterns we’ve designed to showcase the current season. We carry a strong selection of reclaimed wood and metal lanterns along with moss, floral, shells, stones, figurines, electric candles, lights – there are so many things you can do with lanterns in home decor. We created a list of 25 Things to Fill a Lantern. Come see what we have for this season and have fun with it!