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Beacon 3 in 1 Glue

Beacon 3 in 1 glue is a strong glue that dries clear and is kind of gummy, which make it great for gluing dimensional items. This glue is used often by our Design Team.

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Beacon 3 in 1 Glue has 3 top features:

  • Crystal Clear
  • Instant Grab
  • Fast Drying

It’s ideal for wood, floral, cork, glitter, beads, trims, ceramics, fabrics, cardboard, foam and more! Has a tip applicator, is acid-free and waterproof.

Tips from the manufacturer:

 Best to test first on scrap materials to ensure compatibility.
Pre-wash all fabrics to remove sizing before applying glue. Sizing prevents glue from thoroughly penetrating fibers.
Surfaces must be clear, dry, and free from dust for maximum adhesion.
Keep all work surfaces covered with newspaper or plastic to protect furniture and counters.
Glues dries quickly so work in small areas to prevent glue from drying too rapidly.
Always keep covered when not in use to prevent evaporation.