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Miskit Liquid Frisket by Grumbacher

Misket Liquid Frisket is a masking fluid, most often used in watercolor applications. The masking fluid blocks the paint pigments on the page where it was applied. Once dry you peel it off to reveal the clean paper underneath. Use to create highlights to a painting or to use as a silhouette in artwork or to mask out words.

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A colored frisket for use on hard-sized watercolor papers, photos, and other media, to mask areas that are meant to be painted once the dried frisket is removed. This product contains latex. Made in the USA. 1.2 oz.


• Paper must be dry before applying masking fluid

• Use an old brush, as the latex kind of ruins brushes. Dip the brush into a liquid dish soap before using to make it easier to clean up afterward.

• Use an adhesive pickup like an eraser to take off dried fluid. It also helps keep your hands from creating grease stains on the paper.

• Don’t leave Frisket on paper more than 24 hours.

Note: To assure longevity of this product, Grumbacher recommends storing the jar upside-down, with the cap securely closed. This product contains latex.