Loew Cornell Colored Pencils 36ct

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Loew Cornell Colored Pencils 36ct

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Loew Cornell Colored Pencils 36ct: This package includes 36 colored pencils in a spectrum of colors. Can be used for drawing, illustrating, crafting, and more. Non-toxic. This 36 pack contains a wide assortment of colors with many different shades. Nice quality on the pencils and the colored lead is durable and won’t break easily when sharpening.


Loew Cornell Colored Pencils 36ct

Colored Pencils

Loew Cornell Colored Pencils 36ct are loads of fun, versatile to use, and easy to transport. Drawing is the foundation that all art is built upon. It is a great place to start, and a constant area to practice with a goal of improvement. You have used a pencil since you were a tot.

So the pencil is natural to use as an art tool. Be sure to explore Loew-Cornell’s All About Drawing to learn more about drawing basic forms and textures. After using graphite pencils and charcoal to learn shading and value, add a rainbow of hues with colored pencils!

Colored pencils are wax based. The pencil marks are transparent, and when used in layers, can produce glowing results. Solvents like turpenoid can be used on the colored pencil drawing to make a wash, but since we have watercolor pencils, why risk the toxicity of solvents? Colored pencils can be mixed with graphite pencils. Graphite pencils are the standard drawing and writing pencils. Sometimes referred to as a “lead pencil”, there is actually no lead in them. Lead is the term used for the color cylinder housed in the wood casing of the pencil.