View File to PrintLori Holt (from Bee in the Bonnet) has created this Thimble (or Tumbler) Ruler that can help you easily create this pretty and modern style Tumbling Water Table Runner. The pattern was created by Katrina from our Craft Warehouse Design Team. We used the Cotton Ombre Fabrics by Timeless Treasures for this project. The Ombre fabrics create a lovely gradient style in the runner.

Approximately 36” x 13½” Read through all instructions before beginning. Refer to the picture when needed. ¼” seam allowance is used throughout.


  • 3/8 yard of backing and batting
  • 110” of bias tape, 2” or 2¼” wide
  • 1/3 yard of Smoke Ombre fabric from Timeless Treasures
  • ¼ yard of Blue Ombre fabric from Timeless Treasures
  • 5” thimble ruler/template from Lori Holt Bee in my Bonnet


1. Cut two 5” x width of fabric strips from the smoke fabric. Begin cutting the smoke tumblers at the dark end of the fabric. Flip the template end to end to cut the next tumbler. This will ensure the colors progress in order.

2. Layout the pieces in color order. (It will make sewing easier.) Continue cutting in this manner until you reach the other end. To avoid cutting into the seam allowance, cut the top and bottom of each tumbler first and gently move the fabric at the top of the tumbler to the side before cutting the sides of the template.

3. Again beginning at the dark end of the fabric, cut out another set of tumblers. Layout the 2nd set of smoke tumblers, leaving room to place the blue tumblers in between them. You should have 8 smoke tumblers on each side.

4. Repeat the process with a blue Ombre fabric strip, in reverse color order. Before cutting, be sure the template is facing in the correct direction to reverse the color order. The darkest blue tumbler should be in between the lightest smoke tumblers.

5. Sew the rows together in groups of 3 tumblers-smoke, blue, smoke, until you have 8 rows of tumblers.

6. Next, sew the rows together. Layer backing, batting and top. Quilt as desired.

7. Trim excess backing and batting. 8. Using your favorite method, sew on binding, easing it around the inside and outside corners. You can duplicate the top and sew them together -light end to light end -or- dark end to dark end to create a longer table runner.